Manholes are the most typical product used to access pipelines, junction points, valve chambers, sump pits, and underground detention tanks.

Inland Pipe manufactures precast circular manholes in 1050mm to 3000mm nominal diameters.

Inland Pipe manufactures manholes to meet the following standards:

  • ASTM C478 Standard Specification for Precast Reinforced Concrete Manhole Sections
  • CSA 257Standards for Concrete Pipe and Maintenance Hole Sections

Manhole Tee Risers

Manhole tee risers are precast units that incorporate both a mainline pipe and a manhole riser piece into one precast section. Intended for access to large diameter pipelines, manhole tees are used in combination with precast mitre bends, wyes, and increaser or reducer units to provide changes in line and grade at a significantly lower cost than traditional cast-in-place or pre-benched manholes.


  • Smaller diameter manhole riser units are stacked to the surface, resulting in lower material cost.
  • Contractors can install the manhole tee in the same manner as a standard length of pipe, with no interruption in pipe laying, saving labour and equipment costs.
  • Top slabs can have anything from standard access openings to hatches cast directly into the unit.

Large Diameter Manholes

Large diameter manholes are typically used as access points to large storm and sanitary pipelines. The ability of manholes to accommodate large sizes of pipe, as well as any changes in pipe elevations or pipeline orientations, make them ideal for use on most projects.

Large diameter manholes can be used for stormwater storage tanks, sanitary lift stations, control structures, and jacking or micro-tunneling entry or exit shafts. Inland Pipe produces large diameter manholes in diameters of 1500–3000mm, with precast manhole bases for each of the diameters and top slabs that can have anything from standard access openings to hatches cast directly into the unit.

Please note that local municipal and/or provincial specifications may require a different size of manhole than what is shown. Please contact your local Inland Pipe representative for more information regarding large diameter manholes.

View standard manhole sizing guidelines

MH Takeoff & Pre-bench Base sheets

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