Lethbridge – Scenic Drive Pedestrian Underpass

Project Type
Concrete Pipe
Ocean Pipe
Inland Pipe

Lethbridge AB

Date Completed
January 2013


Box Culverts: 65 metres of structurally engineered box culverts, with inside dimensions 3.0m x 2.4m

Headwalls: Two headwalls, each 16 ft long x 12 ft high

Scenic Drive, a major road in Lethbridge, underwent a 1.7 kilometre extension including a pedestrian underpass

Using Inland Pipe’s CNC machine, designs depicting mine shafts and miners at work were milled out of Styrofoam and used by deGraaf Excavating to cast into the surface of cast-in-place concrete headwalls at each end of the pedestrian underpass