Fill Height Tables

The Concrete Pipe Fill Height Tables can be used to quickly facilitate selection of the proper reinforced concrete pipe for a given installation condition. The Fill Height Tables are based on the four types of Standard Installations (bedding and haunching). A Type 1 Installation requires the highest level of compaction and the highest quality granular material. A Type 4 Installation requires the lowest level of compaction and lowest quality granular material. Please note that the Tables assume a soil density of 120 lbs/ft3; for other soil densities, designers must accommodate the variation in dead load.

Once bedding type, pipe diameter and fill height are chosen, the Fill Height Tables will provide the required D-Load and the corresponding required class of concrete pipe. If you require help using the Concrete Pipe Fill Height Tables, please do not hesitate to contact us.

View an online copy of the Concrete Pipe Fill Height Tables

Metric Fill Height Tables are also available in the Northern Alberta and Southern Alberta catalogues: